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Sat aug 19th
Rotterdam Central District




    A unique combination for the first time ever performing together live: the iconic Ed Motta, both in his home country Brazil and abroad loved for his soulful voice and mesmerizing live shows, teams up with the legendary Surinam flute player Ronald Snijders and New Orleans-based percussionist Bill Summers, founding member of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. Ed and Ronald previously recorded together to create a new version of "Easy Man", which they will be performing at Magia. Bill's music has been a great inspiration to both and his expansive knowledge of African and Brazilian percussion has been the basis for many classic recordings. Together with Ed's band, these 3 icons of music form a classic supergroup just for the occasion, highly recommended!


    Brian Shimkovitz, better known as Awesome Tapes From Africa, has been diggin up tapes from across the continent, making them available (most of them for free!) to the general audience, generating a growing interest globally for this music. African pop, traditional styles and dancefloor cuts are the basis for Brian's djsets, playing and mixing cassettes on 2 tapedesks. Fun fact: DJ Katapila, also performing at Magia, had his 2009 album Trotro re-released on Brian's label. One of the highlights of the festival, be ready to discover the African dancefloor from a different perspective.


    Janka Nabay creates bubu music from the future, traditional Muslim music from his home country Sierra Leone, electrified with 808 drums and psychedelic synths. An infective and undeniably funky concoction that drew the attention of David Byrne's Luaka Bop. Now residing in New York, Janka just released his new album "Build Music" and performs his highly energetic dance music 100% live together with his band The Bubu Gang at Magia. Electrifying and genre defying.


    2017 started off with the terrible news of William Onyeabor's passing, who lived from March 26th 1946 till January 16th 2017. His music influenced and inspired artists and DJ's ranging from Damon Albarn to Caribou and far beyond. His use of synthesizers and his bold and daring direction in music production helped to create his beautiful legacy of Nigerian synthesizer funk. In honor of this extraordinary musician, Philou Louzolo will pay tribute to William Onyeabor at Festival Magia with a very personal selection of Philou's favorites from the "Fantastic Man". If you haven't heard of Mr Onyeabor yet, expect some very interesting synthesized afrofunk selected by one of Holland's finest DJs.


    Ulli Banditi is a true crook amongst the African funk and punkrock scene. Better known as one of the former members of the Last Kings Of Zamunda Soundsystem straight from Afrikaanderplein, the rough part of South Rotterdam. This Summer, Ulli will be making his solo debut as a DJ kicking off the festival, playing some of the purest magic and opening new doors to a world of exotic fantasies and surprises.


    Mdou Moctar (Niger) is a self-taught guitarist who was one of the first artists to add electronic elements to traditional Tuareg music, which was originally only available through the West African cell phone music trade. His star quickly rose to fame when he got signed to Sahel Sounds and starred in the first Tuareg movie ever, inspired by Purple Rain: "Akounak tedalat taha tazoughai" which means "Rain the color of blue with a little red in it". Mdou Moctar is the new rockstar of the Sahel, all that's missing is the purple rain.


    Based in Amsterdam but very much with one foot in the cosmos, Orpheu The Wizard has been surprising and delighting people with his unconventional sets for years and years. It’s hard to describe what goes down in one of his sets, the distinguished selector is not afraid of taking left turns, serving up curveballs and doing the unexpected. The man born Orpheu de Jong is a Red Light Radio co-founder celebrated for the breadth and depth of his taste and the passion with which he plays. Closely linked with the acclaimed Dekmantel crew for who he is in house designer, Orpheu is a big but back stage player on his native scene, and is now rightfully making a mark on the wider world.


    Bruxas is Jacco Gardner and Nic Mauskoviç together, their first EP just came out on Dekmantel Records and they will be performing their retro tropical creations live at Festival Magia. Both gentlemen have made a carreer for themselves in different genres while playing together already in Jacco's previous project. Sonically, Bruxas is a surprising but very understandable change in direction especially for those familiar with Jacco's previous work. Their time in Portugal exposed them to large parts of the Portuguese part in the musical diaspora, inspiring them to serve up some deep and colorful cuts with skilfully crafted classic and psychedelic aesthetics.


    DJ Katapila (Ghana) is in the spotlight now more than ever, after the re-issue label Awesome Tapes From Africa made his 2009 album "Trotro” available to the world on vinyl for the first time. a mixture of traditional ga music and techno make up for a sound that is uptempo, bass-heavy, Roland-808 rooted echoing early 90s Detroit techno and Chicago acid house more than the contemporary hiplife productions blasting across Ghanaian airwaves currently. He expanded his arsenal live with electronic drumpads and a sampler, chanelling neo-traditional dance music forms such as gome, kpanlogo and gyama in a format that is ready for the future.


    The young man that Americo Brito is referring to in the lineup video for Magia is of course Americo himself. Not only was he a force in spreading Cape Verdean music around the city through his work for the local radio station, he was also one of the founders of both the Rotterdam Summer Carnaval and Dunya Festival, created a number of classic albums and played a pivotal role in the compilation of "Space Echo - The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!" (Analog Africa). At Magia, he will revisit his old records with vintage synths and sounds, bridging the gap to the next generation through his sound.


    Rotterdam is known for it's large Cape Verdean community, a true outpost on the European continent for Cape Verdean culture, spread across the city by young energy: Flavio and Adison have made their mark on the Rotterdam music scene. Flavio has been a resident DJ at Toko94 and many venues after that, introducing Cape Verdean 70s and 80s gems to an eager crowd, while Adison has taken his musical tradition to the live stage recently. Together, they will share with us some of their native Magia, back 2 back right after Americo's live set.


Arp Frique presents Festival Magia

A new annual event, free of charge in the heart of the city, showcasing some of the most exciting international music of today and the past. Just one stage, no tickets, open to all, with a lineup of various new and old pioneers from across the tropics, connecting global dancefloor lovers, cratediggers and quality music aficionados. Starting at noon, 5 different bands and 7 djs will perform outside in the setting of a blockparty in Rotterdam Central District, surrounded by some of the hottest clubs where several afterparties will take place. To find out more about the lineup, click here.

The first edition of this colorful happening will take place on August 19th 2017. Free Entrance. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to find out more about Magia. Looking forward to see you all there!

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  • When is it?

    August 19th, starting at 12.00 till 23.00. Afterwards, the surrounding clubs will open their doors for the afterparties.

  • Where is it?

    Right next to Central Station, on the parking lot in between Annabel, Biergarten and Bar. The address is Schiestraat Rotterdam.

  • How do I get there?

    If you live in Rotterdam, we recommend by foot or public transport, take a train, subway or tram to Central Station and walk a few steps, just a minute away! If you decide to come by car, there is plenty of parking space in the nearby parking garages around the Central District area.

  • Can kids come as well?

    Yes, the festival outside is open to all ages, although we do require parents not to leave their children unattended, at any event for that matter. The afterparties can not be attended under 18. You are required to always have an ID with you. Access van be denied when you fail to present an ID when requested by our security.

  • Do I need to buy tickets?

    No! Magia is totally free of charge, except for the afterparties. However, we have a limited capacity due to safety regulations, so to avoid disappointment please be on time. Access to the festival will be provided to those who show up first, and when we reach capacity you will have to wait until others leave and there is enough space for new visitors.

  • Can I bring my own drinks and food?

    No, it is not possible to bring your own food and drinks. If there is a medical reason to do so, please inform our security at the entrance so they can accommodate you.

  • So is there something to eat and drink at the festival?

    Yes of course! A wide selection of food and drinks, plus some shopping options for you as well! You will need to buy tokens at the festival to get your snack and beverage. Tokens you have left at the end of the day can be refunded at the festival site only.

  • Can I film or take pictures?

    Bringing a small (digital) camera is allowed. Professional recording equipment will be banned from the festival. Please leave your selfie-sticks at home.

  • Can I bring my bike and my dog?

    No sorry…for your dog’s well being, please leave him at home, they have sensitive ears. And leave your bike outside the festival grounds as well please.

  • My question is not here...what now?

    Email us: or reach out to us on Facebook.